What is Fetch?

Fetch is a hiring platform with a unique twist, it is TALENT DRIVEN. Fetch matches talent with employees in a transparent and unbiased way that is affordable for all companies.


The Talent always makes the first move. The talent decides whether they want to date or take next steps with you and the company.

Why Fetch for Talent?

Did we mention it is talent driven? Also, our algorithms are accurate. Jobs will be delivered directly to your device and you choose the next steps. Your talent profile will remain completely anonymous until you decide differently. You will know all about the employer before they know you. Simply choose interested or no thank you. If interested, we give you direct access to the hiring manager for that specific position. Yep, no more pesky agency recruiting calls or bogus LinkedIn messages.

Why Fetch for Employers?

We deliver interested talent directly to you. Also, no more large upfront agency fees and worthless 90 day guarantees. Our coaches are salaried employees and do not work on commission. We believe commission creates bias in the hiring process.

Coaches vs. Agency Recruiters

We believe that  the staffing industry is antiquated and quite frankly, broken. The use of commissioned recruiters creates bias and lack of transparency in the hiring process. Our platform removes this completely and matches interested talent with hiring employers. We do however use coaches whose salaried positions were created to make sure that our talent and our hiring employers have a great experience on our platform. They are available at the click of a mouse. They are concerned only with helping or clients with the process, not the outcome. Did we mention that they are salaried and not commissioned? We think that is a pretty big deal!

How does Fetch make money?

Simple, if you’d like to post jobs on our platform and get matched to great talent, then you can pick from one of our monthly subscriptions and get started!

Does Fetch offer the industry standard 90-day replacement guarantee?

NO, there is no need. If the talent leaves or is terminated at any time you simply stop paying the small monthly fee. We believe replacement guarantees are for ” AS Seen on TV” products, not people!

What Industries does Fetch serve?

Currently, our platform is built for the following industries/verticals/departments:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Creative & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Operations
  • Accounting/Financial/Banking
  • Real Estate/Construction
  • Office Administration & Clerical
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Cosmetology

Our coaches will be happy to work outside of the platform with employers on placements and still give the employer the monthly payment plan. Remember, through our platform there are no more large upfront agency fees and no need to worry about the worthless and flawed 90 day replacement guarantee

How do I get started?

Simple, create your talent and or employee profile. Sit back and let the matches begin.